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Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire


ISPS Port Information Template


Considered as one of the largest, most modern and equipped ports of West Africa , Abidjan port is located on a lagoon and connected to sea by a buoyed channel (2.8km) length and 13.0 m depth at Longitude: 4 ° 00 Abidjan is the economical capital and main port of Côte d’Ivoire. The main export products are coffee, cocoa, cotton, timber, cashew nuts, palm oil, manganese, banana etc .... Imports include machinery, steel, food ‘W and latitude 5 ° 15 ‘N. products, vehicles, chemicals etc....


Pilot: Pilotage is compulsory through the Vridi Canal and carried out day and night time. Vessels should inform Harbor Master by VHF Radio 24 or 6 hours prior arrival on road, giving fore and after drafts. Vessels arriving at night should inform Port control 17 Hours prior the previous day. Pilots can be contacted on VHF channel 12 or 16. Vessel requiring a pilot should sound three long blasts on their whistle or siren. The pilot should board vessel as soon as canal de vridi entry is possible. VRIDI CHANNEL ENTRANCE RESTRICTIONS: Vridi Canal access is subjected to currents tides. Max draft for entrance is 38’ or 11.50 m / Max Draught is calculated on low tide / Water density: 1.012 / 1.015 (Brackish water)


Map reference numberand Description Length (m) Draught (m) Other restrictions Observations
North Quay (1 to 5) General Cargo 775m /quays 31’ / 9.45 m
Warships priority on berths 4 & 5
Wheat vessels have priority on Berth Number 1 and 3
West Quay (6 to 13) General Cargo
1,525 m/quays 31’ / 9.45 m    
West quay (14 & 14bis) Minerai + Manganese
  9.45 m   Clinker , cement
South quay (16 to 20) Quay 16 = Palm oil   36’ /11 m
Priority to Roro / Palm oil tankers
48 hours notice is required from vessels wishing to use this facility
Quay 17 = General cargo + Palm oil
Quay 18 to 20 = Roro Terminal (Length of slope abt 17.50 m / Height of slope abt 1.50 m)
South Quay (21 to 22) Container ships
> 1,785 m/quay 36’ /11 m    
South Quay (23 to 24) Container ships 390m 38’ / 11.50 m    
South Quay (25) Container ships
Max LOA 190 m 38’ / 11.50 m
Bow thruster required
Fishing port (fishing boat)   23’ /7.01 m    
Banana quay 310 m 7 m Reefer cargo only Reefer cargo only
Siveng (Bulk fertilizer) Max 155 m 27’/ 8.20 m Fertilizer berth  
CNR / PHILIPS Max 120 m 6.50 m Private berth  
SOCOPAO (private berth)   21’ /6.50 m Private berth  


  Map reference number and Description Length (m) Draught (m) Other restrictions Observations
1 PETROCI - Tanker Max 200m 33’ / 10.06 m
Max beam 32.20
Displ. 40,000MT
Wheat vessels have
2 SIAP - Tanker Max 180 m 31’ / 9.45 m Max beam 32.20
Displ. 35,000MT
3 SIR I - Tanker (CBM)
Min 170 m /
Max 270 m
46’/ 14 m Max DWT 80,000MT;
CARGO: Crude oil;
hoses: 12 Inches;
Berthing: day time fixed by chief-pilot;
BEACON: IMODCO – 2 flashes every 6
4 SIR II - Tanker (SPM) Min 200 m 69’ / 21 m Max DWT 250,000MT;
Cargo: crude oil
Hoses: 16 inches;
Berthing: before 16 h GMT;
Beacon: IMODCO every 2 seconds;
Berthing: Before 16H00 Lt;
Sailing: any time
5 PETROCI soutes - Tanker Max 145 m 10 m    
6 PUMA - Tanker Max 240 m 11.50 m    
Espoir terminal (Offshore): The FPSO is a floating production, storage and off loading vessel located in territorial waters off the coast of Ivory Coast, West Africa. No draft limitations.
The FPSO is a converted 155,000 DWT tanker, registered under the Panamanian flag and has an overall length of 280 m. The loaded draft is 15.30 m.
Baobab Marine Terminal (Offshore): The baobab marine terminal consists of the 346,000 DWT Floating Production, Storage and Offloading vessel (“FPSO”) Baobab Ivoirien MV 10, including its bow mooring, hoses, pipeline and manifold and pipeline from the production manifolds and all waters surrounding the FPSO Baobab Ivoirian MV 10 within the two (2) nautical miles radius.

Access to Lagoon:

with Max LOA 250 m -> Draft 31’ or 9.45 m
with Max LOA 220 m -> Draft 34’ or 10.36 m
with Max LOA 200 m -> Draft 35’ or 10.67 m


Mid April - Mid July : Heavy rainy season
October - November : Light rainy season.
Private stevedoring.

COFFRE BANCO (buoy inner lagoon)

G   Max length 105 m - 23’ or 7.01 m
H   Max length 160 m - 31’ or 9.45 m
I    Max length 150 m - 31’ or 9.45 m
K   Max length 170m - 27’ or 8.23m
L   Max length 170m - 28’ or 8.54

Tug: Compulsory in Abidjan and done by private company (05 Tugs)
Robusta: IMO Number: 8615605 ,Total Power (kW): 2000 kW
Total Power (HP): 2720 HP ,Speed: 12 kn
Acajou2: IMO Number: 8016847 ,Total Power (kW): 1736 kW
Total Power (HP): 2360 HP ,
Kotibe: IMO Number: 8615605 ,Total Power (kW): 1988 kW
Total Power (HP): 2700 HP ,Speed: 12.3 kn
Teck: IMO Number: 9217486 ,Total Power (kW): 2238 kW, Total Power
(HP): 3040 HP, Speed: 11 kn
Baobab: IMO Number: 8016782 ,Total Power (kW): 3600 k, Total Power
(HP): 4890 HP, Speed: 12.5 kn

Inner anchorage bouys: 16
If exceeding the indicated drafts, prior agreement must be requested from the harbor Master office

NB: All tankers berthing programs are decided by the refinery (SIR). The agent follows only this program in accordance with Canal de Vridi tide changes.


For boarding formalities, Captain to prepare following documents

Arms and ammunitions 7 copies
Dangerous cargo declaration 2 copies
Port of call list with security level of each 7 copies
Paints, thinners, chemicals, grease, luboils 7 copies
Crew list 7 copies
Personal effects 2 copies
Passenger list 7 copies
Stowaway list 4 copies
Stores list 7 copies
Manifest cargo 7 copies
Animal list 7 copies
Narcotics list 2 copies
Vaccinations list 2 copies
Bunkers list 2 copies
Alcohols cigarettes etc 2 copies
Health declaration 2 copies
Parcel (mail, packages etc.) list 7 copies

Other Restrictions

1 - During Christian/Muslim holidays, it is difficult to have gangs for day time.
Therefore Owners /Charters are requested to inform stevedores earlier to get prepared.

07 H30/ 12H00 – 14H30 / 19H00
OVER TIME : 12H00- 14H30 / 19H00 – 07H00
Rains periods : June -August
Local Currency : 1 Euro = XOF 655.957
Special Regulation: Vessels carrying IMCO Class 7 are prohibited to enter into port.


Fresh Water

Available at any time
- at quay side with pipe connection or barge
- at anchorage by barge


: At berth (Tanker terminal with pipe connection)
: At anchorage (by barge)

Provision / Stores and others

Available, fresh provisions on request. No limitation. About 80 shipchandlers, Available (At any time)


Modern facilities.


All types of repairs are available and done by CARENA. Divers and underwater repairs are also available. There are floating docks with lifting capacities of 2000 T and up which can accommodate vessels up 83 m in length. Power capacity 380 and 440 V at 50 Hz or 60 to 300 KVA fire Circuit , fresh water circuit, compressed air and fuel storage tanks on 10 cranes lifting up to 100 T are available. With their partner “SAGA lifting”, it is possible to lift 80 tons at 21 meters.


The container terminal has a capacity of handling particularly strong, which induces a mean residence time of less than one day per vessel.
Other quays offer trips averaging between two days and a half and three and a half day.

Container Terminal Quays 1.91 days
Whole port 0.92 days
North Quays 3.57 days
West Quay 2.65 days
South Quay 2.32 days
Length of berths 1000 Meters
Maximum Draft 11.5 Meters
Number of berthing post 05
Container storage area 31 Ha / Plugs for reefer's containers: 456

Generators Fixed ===1 x 160 KVA / Mobile--1 x 400 KVA