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For more information email OMA-Gespros Douala

Update 23rd March 2020

All ports and airports are still handling cargo operations normally. But vessels are kept for 14 days at pilot station B9 to observe the crew. Vessels are allowed to proceed to berth if no cases are detected/declare within that quarantine period.

Source: Gespros Ship Agency
Update 17th March 2020

An announcement by the Cameroon Government on 17th March announced:

  1. Land, sea and air borders closed with all flights suspended except cargo shipment and transport of essential goods
  2.  Suspension of entry visas to Cameroon
  3.  Closure of public and private educational and professional schools
  4.  Gatherings of more than 50 people prohibited
  5.  Postponement of school and university competitions
  6.  Under the supervision of administrative authorities, bars, restaurants closed from 6 p.m.
  7.  Monitoring of market supply system to avoid shortage 
  8.  Urban and interurban transport only when necessary
  9.  Avoidance of overloads in public transport
  10.  Hotels and accommodation facilities, equipment necessary for the response can be requisitioned by the competent authorities
  11.  Administration will prefer electronic communication for meetings of more than 10 people
  12.  Mission abroad suspended for public and para-public administrations
  13.  Respect of the recommended hygiene measures from WHO.
– If necessary, call 1510
– No panic but discipline, solidarity and sense of responsibility
See the announcement in full below
Last updated 18th March 2020
Source: Cameroon Government


Port Automne de Douala – communique corona 06Feb20

  • Ships from countries at risk must wait at the base 14 days before being buoy for a minimum period of
    allowed to proceed into the channel
  • The boarding of said vessels at the end of the 14 days will be done at the base buoy by the port health service, whose favorable opinion is compulsory before scheduling their entry to the port;

    Last updated 15th March 2020
    Source: Port Automne de Douala

    For more information email OMA-Gespros Douala