ACT Shipping
Rue 43065
Porte 456
Tevragh Zeina
BP 5802

OMA Group’s strategic regional partner in Mauritania is ACT Shipping.

ACT specialises in providing a full range of ship agency and related shipping services, as well as clearing & forwarding, transit and full logistics support throughout the country.

The staff are highly experienced in the shipping and logistics business areas and with some having more than thirty years local experience in their respective fields.

ACT Shipping has an excellent relationship with the Mauritanian port & customs authorities, which ensures the best possible service is delivered to customers.

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Key EconomicIndicators
Capital Nouakchott
Population 4m (2015)
GDP $5.4bn (2014)
Forecast GDP Growth 3.8% (2019)
Exports $1.212 billion (2016 est.)
Export commodities Iron ore, fish and fish products, gold, copper, petroleum
Imports $1.643 billion (2016 est.)
Import commodities Machinery & equipment, petroleum products, capital goods, foodstuffs, consumer goods

[Source World Bank, CIA, Focus Economics]