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For more information email OMA Burkina Faso

13 September 2022

Country Status
No Lockdown.
No Curfew
Airports opened on August 1st 2020

Are road borders open for cargo?
Yes, all borders open for the transport of cargo

Any airlines offering cargo flights?
Yes.  For details please contact OMA Logistics Burkina Faso

May 2022 – Update

The conditions of entry and departure from Burkina Faso in health terms, related to the Covid-19 pandemic, are as follows:


  • Present a negative PCR test dating back no more than 72 Hours at the time of departure OR a valid vaccination pass.
  • Not been in contact with a confirmed patient of the disease within the 14 days preceding the trip
  • The cost of the test is 25 000 XOF (approx. $50); ONLY at approved testing centres for travellers (cost updated 10/02/22)


  • Present a negative PCR test OR a valid vaccination pass.  PCR test dating back no more than 72 Hours before arrival in Burkina Faso; test must have been carried out by an approved health facility in the country of departure
  • Pass the temperature test (less or equal to) 38°:
  • If a passenger fails a test; their passport is withheld by authorities and 2 tests (quick test or TDR as well as PCR) are conducted at the traveller’s expense 25 000 XOF (approx. $50) (cost updated 10/02/22)
  • If this test comes back positive, the traveller is quarantined at a designated hotel at their own expense while awaiting the 72hr threshold for the result of the extensive test
  • If an extensive test comes back negative, the traveller is free to go; if positive, they will be either self-quarantined at their place of residence or designated facility depending on the seriousness of the case.

Travellers with no valid entry visa to Burkina Faso will need to provide the following at the airport:

  • A valid passport
  • 1 recent passport photo
  • 122 000XOF (approx. $180)

NB: Testing of non-travellers is no longer systematic; a doctor’s note is now required prior to any free test being carried out.