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Benin wins Best Ship Agency & Logistics Business

Congratulations OMA Logistics Benin & OMA Benin!  Our teams in Benin were delighted to... Read More

20th March 2021

Rehabilitation of Hydro-electric Power plant in Togo

This was a joint logistics project between OMA Logistics Togo and Dako Logistics Gmbh... Read More

9th March 2021

Senegal Unrest

In Senegal at least five people, including a schoolboy, have been killed in days... Read More

8th March 2021

OMA Group Signs Neptune Declaration

Together with 650 other signatories, OMA Group is proud to be the first Africa-based... Read More

23rd February 2021

Lionel Bado joins OMA Burkina Faso

We would like to extend a warm welcome to Lionel Bado who joined OMA Logistics Burkina... Read More

4th January 2021

OMA Senegal assists geo-data specialist Fugro

OMA Senegal are delighted to have assisted the world’s leading geo-data specialist - Fugro... Read More

21st December 2020

Fast Response For Urgent Cargo

Our client - one of the largest exporters of Cocoa in West Africa -... Read More

17th December 2020

Port Tariff Increases at Cotonou Port

Notice to all customers, please not that as per the circular from the Cotonou... Read More

10th December 2020