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15th February 2021

Country Status
No lockdown.

Are port operations continuing for cargo ships?
Yes – new port authority measures introduced 27/3 – documents required 72 hours before please see below for details.

Is crew change possible?  
YES under the following conditions:
– The vessel must have commercial operations at Cotonou port  and must be alongside in the port.
– Joiners must prove a negative COVID-19 test result – copies of the test result to be provided to the port authorities before embarkation will be allowed.
– Off-signers have two options:
1) If booked on a direct flight to leave Benin the same day as disembarkation, they will be transported straight from the port to the airport
2) If the flight is a different day, a COVID-19 test must be done and the off-signers will be isolated in a hotel, at their own cost awaiting the test result prior to being allowed to leave.

Please see below the latest Government updates on testing protocol for travellers to and from Benin.

Are road borders open for cargo?
Yes all borders are open for cargo transport.

Any airlines offering cargo flights?
Yes.  For details please contact OMA Logistics Benin.

Government updates for travellers to & from Benin

In order to fight against COVID-19, the Government of Benin requires all passengers arriving at and departing from Cotonou airport to take a mandatory COVID-19 test. The Test premises are functional 24 hours 7 days a week.

The cost – to be paid by the traveller – is  77 euros / 90 USD.  Please note children under 5 are exempt from the cost, but must still be tested.

Outgoing travellers can opt to pay 115 euros / 136 USD for an expedited service which is paid directly to airline when purchasing the ticket

All travellers must:

  • Perform a mandatory Covid-19 test on arrival at Cotonou airport
  • Release their passport.
  • Fill the sanitary/health online sheet and include a reachable phone number for SMS/Whatsapp during their stay in Benin.
  • Incoming travellers should remain at their hotel until test results are ready. They should limit their interactions with others.
  • Outgoing travellers must have their test results to hand prior to departing Benin.

In case a traveller is tested positive, the treatment in Government facility is totally free as per the protocol in force in Benin.
Test results are usually available within one week.

Source: Govt update from 17th August & 5th September