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29th June 2020

Country Status 
No lockdown.

Are port operations continuing for cargo ships?
Yes – new port authority measures introduced 27/3 – documents required 72 hours before please see below for details.

Is crew change possible?  
YES under the following conditions:
– The vessel must have commercial operations at Cotonou port  and must be alongside in the port.
– Joiners must prove a negative COVID-19 test result – copies of the test result to be provided to the port authorities before embarkation will be allowed.
– Off-signers have two options:
1) If booked on a direct flight to leave Benin the same day as disembarkation, they will be transported straight from the port to the airport
2) If the flight is a different day, a COVID-19 test must be done and the off-signers will be isolated in a hotel, at their own cost awaiting the test result prior to being allowed to leave.    

Please note that a COVID-19 test is compulsory for all travellers arriving at Cotonou airport and is charged on arrival at 153 euros. Results are available after 2 consecutive working days.

Are road borders open for cargo?
Yes all borders are open for cargo transport.

Any airlines offering cargo flights?
Yes.  For details please contact OMA Logistics Benin

Government update for travellers to Benin

13th May
A systematic fast screening (results available in 15mn) will be implemented for all travellers arriving in Benin by air or by road at passenger’s cost (Eur 152,45).  Passengers testing positive will then be taken care of at the airport accordingly. For passengers testing negative – a blood sample will be collected for a deep testing. These results and passports will be available for collection within 48hrs. Then, those who will finally be tested positive will undergo the treatment and isolation process implemented by the Health Ministry

Benin Navy Update

24th April 2020
The Benin navy will resume their deployment on board vessels anchored Cotonou roads awaiting berth as from today 24/04/20 evening. All vessels anchored on Cotonou roads awaiting berth will be secured by the Benin navy with armed guards who will systematically board the vessels. The guards deployment on board are made compulsory and free of charge.

Cotonou Port Authority Measures 

27th March 2020
Port Authority measures 270320 English
Porth Authority measures 270320 French  

1) All vessel Masters calling at Cotonou port must submit the following documents to the Harbour Master (through appointed ship ageny) 48 hours prior to the vessel arrival at Cotonou roads.  Please note that no vessels will be allowed to berth without submitting these documents:

  • 10 last port of call list
  • Memorandum stating the whole crew health status
  • Crew list (Crew list must show place and date of embarkation)

2) After vessel berthing, sanitary officials will board for health and sanitary inspection

  • No person will be allowed to board the vessel or disembark from the vessel prior to the completion of the sanitary inspection and delivery of free pratique by sanitary officials.
  • Cargo operations will commence only after free pratique duly delivered to the vessel.

3) During a call at Cotonou port

  • Crew members are no longer allowed to go ashore; all shore passes are suspended.
  • All crew or passengers who embarked a vessel less than 14 days prior to the vessel arrival/berthing at Cotonou port should be self-isolated, quarantined and remain on board till vessel leaves Cotonou port.
  • Crew change (crew embarkation & disembarkation) at berth or anchorage is suspended till further notice.
  • Cruise vessel and passenger vessel port calls are no longer allowed until further notice
  • 4- All port operators (shipping agents, stevedores, clearing agents, trucks owners) are

The Cotonou Port Authority environment inspectors will proceed with unplanned visits to assess the effectiveness of the respect of the above listed measures.