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22nd November 2021

Country Status
No lockdown.

Are port operations continuing for cargo ships?
Yes – there are no restrictions on vessel calls at Cotonou port. All crew members are screened upon vessel berthing by the Health Authorities. Berthing and sailing are 24/7,  The vessel port of call list, Maritime declaration of health, crew list and memorandum duly signed by Master to confirm the vessel is in good health are required and submitted to the port authorities prior to berthing is accepted

Is crew change possible?  
No restrictions on crew change. Covid-19 PCR test is mandatory on arrival and departure. Only country made test is accepted. Results are often available in 48 consecutive working days. During the period, crew should remain at hotel. PCR result is compulsory prior joining crew embarkation. Joining and outgoing crew can fill up the formular online and settle their PCR test cost in advance prior arrival and departure. The link is https://centresurveillancesanitaire.com/

During the PCR result waiting period, crew should remain in their hotel until the test result is released, and their passport returned to them by health officials.

Are road borders open for cargo?
Yes all borders are open for passengers and cargo transport 

Any airlines offering cargo flights?
Yes.  For details please contact OMA Logistics Benin.