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New Appointments at OMA Group

OMA Group is delighted to announce three new appointments at Head Office, in Senegal... Read More

29 avril 2021

Navy Frigate first time in Lomé

We are pleased to announce that on the 16th of April 2021, OMA Togo... Read More

26 avril 2021

A new First for the Port of Lomé

In April OMA Togo handled the export of 10,000 mt of Managanese ore in... Read More

1 avril 2021

Senegal Unrest

In Senegal at least five people, including a schoolboy, have been killed in days... Read More

8 mars 2021

OMA Group Signs Neptune Declaration

Together with 650 other signatories, OMA Group is proud to be the first Africa-based... Read More

23 février 2021

Lionel Bado joins OMA Burkina Faso

We would like to extend a warm welcome to Lionel Bado who joined OMA Logistics Burkina... Read More

4 janvier 2021

OMA Senegal assists geo-data specialist Fugro

OMA Senegal are delighted to have assisted the world’s leading geo-data specialist - Fugro... Read More

21 décembre 2020

Fast Response For Urgent Cargo

Our client - one of the largest exporters of Cocoa in West Africa -... Read More

17 décembre 2020