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13th September 2022

Country Status
No lockdown, public health regulations remain in force.
Latest directive for testing and quarantine regulations for travellers to Gambia from January 4th here: Gambia Covid-19 Announcement 04Jan21

Are port operations continuing for cargo ships?
Banjul Port Is still operational 24/7

Is crew change possible?  

Are road borders open for cargo?

Any airlines offering cargo flights?
Yes – please check with the office.



Update dated 23rd March 2020

Both port and terminal cargo operations open and operating in Gambia.

Source: Maritime Agencies

Ministry of Health – Gambia 2nd March 2020

• All vessels calling at Banjul Port, particularly from CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) AFFECTED AREAS (REFERENCE TO THE PORTS OF CALL LIST) will be subjected to health checks prior to entry.
• The Port Health competent authority must therefore carry out inspection on board to ensure no public health threats exist before the boarding team is allowed entry.
• Henceforth all vessels will be subjected to temperature checks and health inspections.
• All agencies are obliged to notify the port competent health authority when stowaways are to be disembarked at port of Banjul for disease surveillance and response services. The measures are in line with the Epidemiology and Disease Control (EDC) strategies of The Gambia in order to avoid possible transmission of any infectious diseases particularly Corona virus. Suspected cases will follow standard health procedures according to WHO upon arrival. Suspected persons will be subjected to the quarantine considerations and if required isolation measures in accordance with the INTERNATIONAL HEALTH REGULATIONS OF THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION OF GENEVA 2005 AND THE PUBLIC HEALTH ACT OF THE GAMBIA 1990.

Last updated March 2nd 2020
Source: Ministry of Health, Gambia