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Heavy Lift – factory refurbishment in Ghana

jeudi 20th juin 2019

Moving large out of gauge pieces requires specialist handling as OMA Logistics Ghana demonstrated last month handling the discharge and onward transportation for two out of gauge pieces of equipment on behalf of Fabrimetal Ghana.

The project pieces were an out of gauge AOD converter weighing 28 tons and a 60 ton Shear Machine and accessories, both destined for the expansion and refurbishment of the Fabrimetal factory in Tsopoli Ghana.

OMA oversaw the careful discharge from the vessel and arranged onward transportation where both pieces of machinery were loaded onto a low loader from their respective terminals to the factory at Tsopoli, approximately 60km from Tema port.

Experience and expertise is essential handling these huge pieces of machinery, and close co-operation with the port authorities, shore handlers and customer meant that the delivery was expedited smoothly and without problems.