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For more information email ACT Mauritania

10th June 2020

Country Status 
No lockdown. Curfew 2300hrs – 0600hrs.

Are port operations continuing for cargo ships?
Nouakchott port is operational

Is crew change possible?  
No crew changes are permitted.

Are road borders open for cargo?
Borders with Senegal and Mali are closed.

Any airlines offering cargo flights?
Yes, cargo flights only


Mauritania Circulaire N0001)020 13th February 2020

Body temperature measurement and a doctor check up is compulsory for off signing crews.
If any crew member is tested and found as suspect, they may not be allowed to sign off.
A list of the last ten (10) port calls is compulsory for authorities to make sure the COVID19 most affected areas were not visited by the vessel, and if visited a thorough medical checkup onboard ship will apply before any crew member is cleared out of the port.

Body temperature measurement and a doctor check up is compulsory for ALL arriving passengers from ALL destinations, and currently the following countries are banned from entering the country: IRAN, CHINA, ITALY, SOUTH KOREA, SPAIN, FRANCE, AND CHINA. ALL flights from these countries currently on hold.

Quarantine applies for 14 days for all people entering from affected countries. ALL joining crews (On-signers) will have their port access signed only after presenting their entry visa, and as the port access takes 24 hours to be signed, no direct vessel joining is possible until further notice from authorities.

After the 14 days quarantine if not positive to COVID19 persons are released, and if positive will be kept under close medical control for treatment and complete isolation.Last updated March 9th 2020

For more information email ACT Mauritania