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email OMA Ghana
email OMA Logistics Ghana

Please check this link for the daily update (11am) fromThe Ghana Ministry of Health 

Update 4th April

Cargo flights expected tomorrow:
DHL (615) flight is expected  5th April
Allied Air (chartered flight) is expected 5th April 

Update 2nd April

Letter to customers Covid19_advisory#3
Dear Principals, Partners and Stakeholders,
The Ghanaian Authorities announced a lockdown in the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area and the Greater Kumasi Metropolitan Area from 01:00 (local time) on March 30th, 2020 for a period of 14 days. Accra Kotoka International airport and Tema port are within the lockdown areas but along with their stakeholders are still allowed to operate for cargo only. Takoradi port is operating normally, although no movement of persons are permitted.

OMA Logistics Ghana and OMA Ghana would like to inform its principals, partners and stakeholders that, as port and airport stakeholders, we are still operational during the COVID19 Pandemic. Although the majority of our staff are working from home, our offices and warehouse in the port and airport remain operational. We will however closely follow Ghana authorities’ guidelines to ensure a safe working environment for our staff and all the stakeholders.

We are doing everything possible to make sure our premises are as safe as possible, however, in order to keep contact to the barest minimum, we ask you to support us in avoiding physical meetings. We are at your full disposal through emails or other online and phone-based channels. If you have any questions or require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us through the email links above.
Kind regards
OMA Ghana

Ship Agency update

Ports – Only commercial vessel calls are allowed.
Tema port only –  Only essential calls permitted eg Tankers, containers, medical equipment and food cargo. Crew change and seismic vessels are all banned from calling Tema port.
No crew changes are allowed.
Airport – All flights are suspended, both arrivals and departures, from 23rd March for 14 days.

Logistics update

Airport – There are no regular cargo flights expected, apart from:
DHL (615) flight is expected  5th April
Allied Air (chartered flight) is expected 5th April
Port – Shipping lines are operating “normally” – receiving containers for export and dropping containers for import.
Only containers already in the country and manifested will be allowed through for clearance.
Only containers in transit to Ghana with Bills of Lading dated prior to 27th March will be processed for clearance
See above for Tema port restrictions.

Borders – Only cargo (food) movements allowed.

Please download the latest SOP here: Standard Operating Procedures for Covid-19 in Tema & Takoradi Ports


For Reference purposes:

Summary of the Restrictions Imposed on Selected Areas in Ghana
by the Ghanaian Government for two weeks from 30/3/20 1am

President Akufo-Addo has announced that under the Imposition of Restrictions Act, 2020 (Act 1012), there will be restrictions on movement of persons in the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area (GAMA, which include Awutu Senya East ), and the Greater Kumasi Metropolitan Area and contiguous districts, for a period of two (2) weeks or 14 days  subject to review. 

The following areas will be affected:  Accra airport, Tema port.  TAKORADI PORT IS NOT AFFECTED

This means that everyone resident in these areas must stay at home for the next two weeks or 14 days,  However, if you must go out, it must only be to get essential items such as food, water, medicine, undertake banking transactions, or to use public toilet facilities. But, as much as possible, stay at, home.  There shall be, during this period, no inter-city movement of vehicles and aircraft for private or commercial purposes for the areas of the restrictive measures, except for vehicles and aircrafts providing essential services and those carrying cargo. 

Riders of motorbikes are not allowed to carry any additional person, and all intra-city passenger vehicles, such as trotros and taxis, must reduce the number of passengers in order to observe appropriate social distancing and hygiene protocols. All commercial vehicle stations shall observe appropriate hygiene protocols and social distancing. Individuals and institutions providing the following services shall be exempted from the restrictions:

  • Distribution
  • Members of the Executive, Legislature and the Judiciary;
  • Production, distribution and marketing of food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, medicine, paper and plastic packages.
  • Environmental and sanitation
  • VALCO  
  • Road and Railway
  • Construction
  • Mining  
  • Fishing
  • Security Agencies
  • Electricity, water, telecommunications, e-commerce and digital service providers
  • Fuel stations