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Tema school block refurbishment

Tema school block refurbishment

As founder corporate donors for the Futurestars Charity, OMA Group in Ghana... More Info

Virtual Marathon Donations

Virtual Marathon Donations

During the summer, staff from OMA Group offices along the coast came... More Info

Missions to Seafarers Charity Fundraiser

Missions to Seafarers Charity Fundraiser

In April our very own Group Sales & Commercial Director Neale Proctor,... More Info


Tema, Ghana and Lomé, Togo

Founded in 2015 and registered as a UK charity in 2018, Futurestars embodies transformative corporate social responsibility in Ghana and Togo. Strategically collaborating with seven schools (in Tema, Ghana, and Lomé, Togo), Futurestars, led by OMA CSR Director Simon Milton, actively engages in education, sports coaching, and impactful school refurbishment. Originating from a partnership between OMA Ghana Ltd and Yinson Production WA Ltd, Futurestars boasts prestigious affiliations with Fendercare Marine, Aviance Ghana, Rana Motors, Honeysuckle Bars, and Prime Insurance. The recent expansion to a local school in Lomé aligns with Futurestars’ commitment to extending its corporate footprint along the West African coast.

Initiatives and Impact:
At its core, Futurestars inspires young minds through a blend of sports and education, offering sustainable support to seven community partner schools, bespoke sports coaching, and a robust scholarship program. Upholding the highest standards of transparency and compliance, Futurestars reports notable improvements in school attendance, reduced truancy, and the development of vital life skills among students. Corporate partners, volunteers, and donors actively contribute to Futurestars’ mission, providing exclusive avenues for financial commitment, employee engagement, and corporate work experience. The fully governed Corporate Social Responsibility Programme supports over 5,000 underprivileged children through tailor-made corporate donor packages. Key initiatives like school refurbishments, scholarships, library projects and many more, underscore Futurestars’ commitment to the holistic development of children, aligning with corporate values and fostering a brighter future for communities in need.

Offering hundreds of volunteer opportunities in Ghana, Futurestars actively engages the corporate community in its impactful initiatives. The dedicated team of five staff members and nine volunteer coaches ensures the success and sustainability of its corporate social responsibility initiatives. Educational impact is further heightened with the employment of 11 qualified teachers dedicated to providing quality education. The program delivers 150+ coaching hours weekly, contributing to enhanced sports engagement and skill development, while also providing 120,000+ school meals to promote health and nutrition among students. This comprehensive approach underscores Futurestars’ commitment to creating a positive and lasting impact in the communities it serves.

Futurestars Charity Website

Emarito Maritime School

Lomé, Togo

OMA Togo Sarl is closely involved in funding the first maritime school ever built in Togo which opened in October 2016 to offer full training & certificates for Togolese marine crew.

As well as providing funds for training for the electronic navigation simulator pictured, there are transport & logistics courses for which OMA offers training and potential work experience placements.

Emarito Website