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13th September 2022

Country Status
No lockdown, air borders open.

Are port operations continuing for cargo ships?
The port is currently operational 24/7.
Latest update for Vessel Arrival Procedures (French and English translation)can be downloaded here:
Dakar Port – Vessel Arrival update May2022

Is crew change possible?  
YES subject to travel bans and Covid-19 testing. 
Please contact the office for details.

Are road borders open for cargo?
Yes – all borders are open for passengers and cargo transport.

Any airlines offering cargo flights?
Yes,  cargo flights are currently operating for all goods. For details please contact OMA Logistics Senegal.


The Procedures for Vessels arriving at Dakar port from May 2022 are as follows:

Following the decrease of the propagation rate of the Covid-19 pandemic, the accommodation conditions of vessels in the Port of Dakar have been modified as follows:
72 Hours prior to the vessel’s arrival, the Master is required to email the Harbor Master’s Office ([email protected]) and the Health Control Service at the Maritime Borders ([email protected]), the following documents:

  • List of last ten (10) ports of call
  • Covid-19 vaccination list of all crew members
  • Maritime health declaration duly filled out
  • The crew list

All commercial vessels will be inspected at the dock by the Health Control agents who will grant free pratique.
Vessels arriving with sick crew onboard will be inspected at anchorage by the said sanitary agents for free pratique.

I attach a high price to the full adherence to this notice which takes effect as from its signature date.
Signed: Aboubacar Sédikh BEYE