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11th June 2021

Country Status
No lockdown, no curfew and air borders open.

Are port operations continuing for cargo ships?
The port is currently operational 24/7.
Vessels are inspected on arrival and if no Covid-19 cases detected, they can proceed to berth.

Is crew change possible?  
Yes subject to certain conditions, travel bans for some countries and Covid-19 testing.
Please contact the office for details.

Are road borders open for cargo?
Yes for cargo.

Any airlines offering cargo flights?
Yes,  cargo flights are currently operating for all goods. For details please contact OMA Logistics Senegal.


Note Circulaire Coronovirus dated 28th February 2020
Note from the Port Authority to the Harbour Masters & Quarantine:

This to advise Shipowners, agencies and all harbour users that vessel arrival conditions have been modified in a bid to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  All vessels having Dakar as the next port of call shall henceforth – and 03 days prior to arrival – send the following:

  • List of the last 10 ports called at
  • Health Maritime Declaration
  • Crew List specifying sign-on date for each crew member

In addition, all vessels coming from a coronavirus affected area shall be subject to sanitary inspection at anchorage by local Quarantine prior to any free practice issuance.

Source: Port Autonome de Dakar