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New Bulk Jetty at Takoradi

Monday 18th May 2020

The Ghana Ports & Harbours Authority advises that the superstructure work on the new bulk jetty commenced on 15th May.

The works are expected to take around seven weeks and once completed, the new jetty will be able to accept vessels with a maximum draft of 16 meters, up to 250m in length, and cargo capacity of up to 120,000 tonnes.

This new work will involve paving the new jetty and installing automatic conveyor belt systems that will allow the loading and offloading of bulk cargo to be handled more efficiently and faster than is currently possible.

The Marketing and Public Affairs Manager of the Port of Takoradi, Peter Amo-Bediako estimates that “ stevedoring activities will improve from the current 8000 tons per day (an equivalent of 300 tons per hour)  to 3000 tons per hour, an equivalent of 72000 per day.”  Vessels currently spending a week in port will have operations completed in about two and a half days.