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Alert for Vessel Operators calling at Sierra Leone

Sunday 19th September 2021

Gard, one of the leading International Group P&I Clubs, has issued an alert to vessel operators intending to load cargoes of iron ore fines from Sierra Leone. Cargo has been observed to be stockpiled outdoors and uncovered for prolonged periods and potentially posing a risk of liquefaction during the wet season at the port of Pepel.

It is also understood that some cargoes intended for shipment from Pepel have previously been considered too low grade for export and have been left in uncovered stockpiles for prolonged periods. The material in these stockpiles is now being blended with higher-grade materials for export and is potentially a serious hazard for vessels loading iron ore in bulk in Sierra Leone.

Please click on the below link for the full report:
Gard Sierra Leone Member Circular_6_2021

For further information about OMA’s services in Sierra Leone, please contact mailto:[email protected]