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90% Reduction in Cocoa Humidity damage

Tuesday 4th June 2019

OMA Côte d’Ivoire was awarded the exclusive agency to supply Clairant container dry products in Côte d’Ivoire in 2018.  Many customers, particularly in the cocoa industry have started using these products with fantastic results.

Intermodal shipments of cocoa beans can be subject to “container rain”.  A combination of  day-to-night temperature fluctuations, en-route delays, high water content in the beans, or containers with wooden floors all combine to trap ambient moisture inside the shipping container. This leads to condensation, causing a raining effect — hence the nickname “container rain” which leads to damaged cocoa beans.

A recent shipment of  cocoa beans on behalf of a global customer and manufacturer of high quality chocolate transported 20,000 mt of cocoa beans from Côte d’Ivoire.  10,000mt was protected by Container Dri® II cargo desiccant blankets, and 10,000mt with an alternative drying agent.

The results were an incredible 90% reduction in damage.

With alternative drying agents:
11.5% of the cocoa suffered humidity damage – the equivalent of 1150 mt of cocoa

With Container Dri 11
1.7% of the cocoa suffered humidity damage, just 170 mt

The client was delighted and the figures speak for themselves.. It doesn’t make sense to use anything else.

Download the case study here: Cocoa-Bean-Case-History-Container-Dri-Desiccant-EN

Or for more information go to:  OMA CI – Clairant